Hand Rub 2 x 50 ML

2 x 50 ml Travel Size

Choose 2 scented Hand Rub s with our Cardamom and/or Green Patchouli fragrance.

This disinfecting hand rub is made according to the WHO recommended formulation with our well known Cardamom Fragrance from our Body Oil Collection.
It contains 80 % Ethanol, 3% Hydrogen peroxide, Glycerol, aqua, and additional fragrance made with essential oils.
We also added a bit more glycerine then usual to keep your hands moisturized.

Directions: Spay enough liquid on your hands to cover all surfaces and rub your hands together until dry.
Use when soap and water are not readily available.
*For external use only.
* Keep out of reach from children
*This liquid is highly inflammable. Keep away from heat or flame.
* Use wisely

Green Patchouli Scent:
Freshly crushed green leaves and sappy fruity notes are based on earthy patchouli. A succulent earthy substance toning and regenerating.

Cardamom Scent:
A lovely weightless and seductive blend of cardamom and pink grapefruit will make you happy, enhance motivation and concentration while being calming and comforting on your nervous system. It is a natural and fresh gourmand scent that won't disturb your pleasure when eating with your hands.

Size: It comes in a 50ml glass bottle with an atomizer.

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Choose your 2 hand rub s by using the drop-down menu below.



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