Silhouette - No.59


A mature blend of delicate flowers and rich mysterious resins: intriguing, elegant, and seductive. Like opening a velvet box of secrets, blown away by a blaze of sweet memories.

A Collection of finely handcrafted perfume bottles sculptured in black soap. These finely crafted objects serve as room fragrance and nourishing soap, each subtly revealing its presence as it releases its lush delicate scent or becomes a lavish body wash as it slowly melts away.

Silhouette No. 59 is finely handcrafted and wears a lacquer seal on a
Silk cord. The exclusively composed fragrance contains an exceptionally high concentration of best quality essential and perfume oils.

The flacon will be delivered beautifully wrapped in a black gift box. As each of the silhouettes are individually handmade on order please allow a few weeks for them to be crafted and delivered to your address. For further details, please read the Terms & Conditions.

Colour: black
Material: soap, essential and perfume oils, charcoal
Weight: 150g
Height: about 13 cm


  • Image of Silhouette -  No.59
  • Image of Silhouette -  No.59
  • Image of Silhouette -  No.59