Book of Incense

40.00 - 49.00
  • Book of Incense
  • Book of Incense
  • Book of Incense
  • Book of Incense
  • Book of Incense

An etui of washable paper with a fragrant book of incense paper,
comes with a ceramic plate. All, fragrance, book and ceramic plate
is handmade in our atelier in Amsterdam.
The pattern of the ceramic plate may vary.

Instructions for use:
Tear off one strip.  Fold it like an accordion  vvvvv        
Light it on one side. Blow gently so that the paper smoulders
slowly without a flame, and place it standing on the ceramic plate.

•  Burn one strip at the time
•  Ventilate your home 
•  Never leave a burning strip unattended


- Tear off a strip and place it in your wardrobe, drawer, books etc.
to perfume it with a subtle scent.
- Write a thought or wish on a strip and set it on fire for good fortune
- Keep the remaining ash in a little bowl or rub it into a wooden
surface for its lingering scent

Scent: Burning Roses
contains 40 incense strips
1/2 strip for a room

more info coming soon