Botanical Incense Sticks Collection

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  • Botanical Incense Sticks  Collection
  • Botanical Incense Sticks  Collection
  • Botanical Incense Sticks  Collection
  • Botanical Incense Sticks  Collection
  • Botanical Incense Sticks  Collection

Incense Sticks

Handmade Incense sticks from 100% pure natural ingredients.
A lot of the ingredients like leaves, barks and resins we collected
ourself in the Mediterranean and Switzerland.
All materials are then hand milled and blended and hand rolled to
small batches of sticks.
The colour and the scents may vary slightly from batch to batch.

Ps: The incense sticks will come from now on packed in a glass vial
with kurk . The outside packaging will remain the black cardboard.
Sorry there are no pictures available for the new packaging yet.

more info soon..
1. Figuere
a very fine aromatic blend with fig leaves we picked in greece, herbs, cedar wood and frankincense carterii. Like sitting under a fig tree on a summer evening

2. Guaiac / Sandalwood
a very smooth woody sandal wood scent made with special sandalwood from Taiwan and Guaiac wood from Paraguay.

3. Apricot / Saffron
with cinnamon, clove, sandal wood and frankincense scented with natural apricot and saffron, a fragrant and fruity incense blend

4. Kyphi
our take based on the oldest known incense recipe drawing back on the tempel incense of the old Egypt
with mastic, frankincense, agar-wood, rose, honey, sandalwood and lots of herbs and spices
The sticks remain a little bit flexible doe to the honey

5. Oakmoss forrest
A blend with oakmoss, pine needles, resin and woods we collected in the Swiss mountains

6. Vetiver
with Indian vetiver, sandal wood.
A cool and dry woody vetiver scent

7. Incense Holder
Small round incense holder with striped pattern. Handmade from black stoneware.
The patterns may vary slightly.
About 5 cm diameter.

1 pack contains 12 sticks
length 15 cm
burns about 30 min

please pick your desired incense via the drop down menu

choice of 3 packs if incense please note your choice at check out