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CHOICE OF TWO / 100 ml + 50 ml BODY OILS

  • CHOICE OF TWO / 100 ml + 50 ml  BODY OILS

1x 100ml + 1x 50ml

Choose 2 of your favorite body oil s by using the drop-down menu below. All combinations are possible. Please use the inquiry form, to specify which of your desired body oils should be 100ml and which should be 50ml.

All of our moisturizing body oil s are carefully handcrafted by Liza Witte in Amsterdam. Made with a rich blend of jojoba, nut, seed, and essential oils. Our Body oil does not contain any preservatives or artificial coloring. Please store in a cool dark place. Use an open bottle within a few months.

Directions: Massage directly after the shower into the warm and wet or damp skin.